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Rhinoplasty in Mumbai


Rhinoplasty Mumbai India is the best centre for Rhinoplasty in Mumbai India. Rhinoplasty is the surgery to correct the shape of nose. This is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure as it significantly improves the image and enhances the beauty of person. In Rhinoplasty the difference between a good result and a poor result can be measured in millimeters. Surgical excellence in Rhinoplasty must begin with a comprehensive nasal history and anatomic examination to identify the patient's problems and goals.

There are various techniques available for different type of correction.

1.Reduction Rhinoplasty : For Hump Nose

2. Corrective Rhinoplasty : For Bulbous Nose

3. Augmentation Rhinoplasty : For Saddle Nose

4. Secondary correction: When person is not happy with previous Rhinoplasty. With increased incidence of Rhinoplasty this type of correction is most common.

5. Nares correction : For wide and deformed nares

Various techniques are mainly combined in every Rhinoplasty

Operation is mainly done as an o p d procedure.



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Primary Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure as it significantly improves the image and enhances the beauty of person.


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Secondary Rhinoplasty


Secondary rhinoplasty is indicated when person could not get desirable results from primary rhinoplasty.


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Augmentation Rhinoplasty


Augmentation Rhinoplasty means to increase the size of small nose. Main indicarion is Saddle Nose.


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Reduction Rhinoplasty


Reduction Rhinoplasty means to decrease the size of big nose. Main indication is big nose.


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Corrective Rhinoplasty


Corrective Rhinoplasty means to correct the shape of nose. Main indications are Bulbous Nose and Deviated Nose.


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Nares Correction


Nares Correction is to correct wide and deformed nostrils.


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Rhinoplasty & Chin Augmentation


Rhinoplasty can be combined with chin implant.


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Rhinoplasty & Cleft LIp


Rhinoplasty is also indicated for patients with nose deformity associated with cleft lip.


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